About Helios Power Solutions

Helios Power Solutions is a specialist manufacturer of No-Break ™ DC UPS (uninteruptible power supplies) and complementary power electronic products and technologies, with over 29 years of trading.

We are a leading ISO 9001:2000 registered manufacturer of:
•DC Power Supplies
•DC/DC Converters
•Intelligent Battery Charging Systems & Solutions

Helios Power Solutions now operates from a purpose built 12,500 sq. ft West Auckland facility. This has enabled us to achieve what we believe is the greatest line-up of No-Break ™ DC products found in New Zealand.  Our vast range of products is produced and sold to established markets in New Zealand and Australia, with plans to extend our offshore business already being implemented in Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, Argentina, USA and the Pacific Islands.

Additionally, many of our products have been incorporated into other companies product ranges, being shipped to countries as diverse as South Africa, Mexico, China, Egypt and Scandinavia to name just a few.

We have a well established range of existing products, many of which have distinctive features and we are constantly working on new product ideas and designs. No-Break ™ DC Systems are our flagship offering, amongst a variety of other Helios products.

We have specialist engineering and manufacturing skills in producing unique product in low-medium volume in power <1 kW to customers in telecommunications, industrial control and commercial security markets.

We are rich in people, products and technology, promoting these throughout the world with strong partners to on sell or license products.

During the course of this year our concentration is on bringing the next generation of No-Break ™ DC units to market and the ongoing development of this website to capture as much information about the company, its products and their applications.

We are always looking for international companies to distribute our range of products.

Learn more about us at our website www.innovative.co.nz/about-us


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